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October 13th 2022

Plant The
Future Diner

Initiative of Transitioncoalition Food in collaboration with Nieuwspoort and The Farm Kitchen during the Dutch Food week.

Plant-based the New Normal!

By 2030, a ratio of 60/40 plant/animal protein in our diet

The Plant the Future dinner is a stakeholder dinner that aims to put “less animal-based and more plant-based” more firmly on the map, under the heading of “Plant-based the New Normal”. The goal: a 60/40 ratio of plant/animal proteins in 2030 This ambition is in line with the previously stated ambition in the Climate Agreement and the Healthy Food Guidelines of the ‘Wheel of Five’ (nutrition guidelines in the Netherlands). On October 13th 2022 Transitioncoalition Food organized the second edition of the Plant The Future Diner in collaboration with Nieuwspoort and The Farm Kitchen in the international presscentre Nieuwspoort. The dinner took place in the Dutch Food Week and was sponsored by BO Akkerbouw, TastyBasics, Bonduelle, Triodos Bank, Schouten Europe and WWF-NL.

Learn more about the action agenda

Action agenda protein transition

During the second edition of the Plant The Future Dinner, we collected input for the action agenda. Transitioncoalition Food wants to form an action agenda protein transition with stakeholders who are working, or should be working, on the protein transition. This agenda consists of concrete goals to accelerate the transition towards Plant-Based the New Normal. In 2023 we organise a session with 30 important stakeholders. Start of this session is a joint vision on the protein transition. We want a broad support for this vision!

Do you want to read along or contribute to this action agenda?
Please contact Natascha Kooiman or Marco Swart

Learn more about the ten-point plan

Ten-point plan

During the first edition of the Plant the Future dinner in the Netherlands, a broad delegation from business, politics, government, NGOs, science and education came together. The 240 attendees, from more than 100 different organisations, sat down together to determine what is needed to make plant-based the new normal. The input from the conversations held were the foundation for the ten-point plan. The document outlines what the government can do towards businesses, NGOs, municipalities and in terms of laws and regulations to support leaders, engage the masses and use research to accelerate the protein transition. The ten-point plan was presented in the form of a petition to the House of Representatives on 8 March 2022, specifically to the spokespersons of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and Health, Wellness and Sport.

On 29 March, Minister Staghouwer released a letter on food policy evaluation and food policy. In it, we recognise many points of the ten-point plan. Not least, the recommendation to come up with a vision has been adopted. The minister sets the goal of achieving a 50/50 plant-based/animal protein ratio in 2030. Now it is important to discuss how this can be made concrete in government policy and business action. We would like to discuss this over dinner.


The Plant The Future Dinner is an initiative of Transition Coalition Food, in collaboration with The Farm Kitchen and Nieuwspoort, during the yearly Dutch Food Week. In 2023 the first European Plant The Future Dinner will be organized by the European Alliance of Plant-based Foods (EAPF). EAPF is the front-runner movement striving for a healthy life on a healthy planet. In 2022 the Dutch Food Week was from 8 to 15 October. The dinner was sponsored by BO Akkerbouw, TastyBasics, Bonduelle, Schouten Europe, WWF-NL and Triodos Bank.

Stay informed!

Besides a third nation Plant The Future Dinner in the Netheralnds, we hope to organize a European Plant The Future Dinner and regional Plant The Future Dinners in the Netherlands.

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