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Partners & sponsors

Food Transition Coalition (TcV) is the initiator of the Plant The Future Dinner. TcV organizes this together with Nieuwspoort and The Farm Kitchen. For the third time, the dinner will take place in the Dutch Food Week, who is also a partner of the Plant The Future Dinner. The dinner is made possible in part by main sponsors BO Akkerbouw and TastyBasics, and sponsors Foodvalley NL, Triodos Bank, and WWF-NL.

Nieuwspoort is an international press centre and the meeting place for politicians, journalists, representatives and advocates. In other words, a suitable venue for the Plant The Future Dinner

This is a food movement set up by chef Jonathan Karpathios (chef of the Plant The Future Dinner 2021 and 2022) and entrepreneur Xander Meijer. They have dedicated themselves to changing the food system and reconnecting people with the earth. Working with local farmers, they shorten the food chain, reduce CO2 emissions and waste, foster biodiversity and promote regenerative agriculture.

Dutch Food Week is an organisation that provides a stage for parties from the food sector to share their enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise with society. This week exists to give meaning to the positive power of our food in a world where health, sustainability and good living are central.

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This dinner cannot take place without the support of sponsors. The main sponsors in 2022 were BO Akkerbouw and TastyBasics. In addition, we are thankful for the support of sponsors Bonduelle, Triodos Bank, Schouten Europe and WWF-NL.