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Transition Coalition Food

The transition to a new agricultural and food system, that is what Transition Coalition Food (TcV) is working towards. We are doing this as a coalition of Dutch frontrunners with 200 transition thinkers and doers with whom we are working towards a system in which sustainability, health, transparency, fair prices and perspectives for the farmer are central.

By joining forces, we act as a challenger to the current system. Together, we strive for our common mission: ‘A healthy life on a healthy planet’.

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TcV and the protein transition

The objective of Transition Coalition Food on protein transition is in line with recommendations from the Transition Agenda Biomass and Food, the Health Council, the Council for Environment and Infrastructure (dutch: RLI) and the climate agreement, namely: a turnaround in protein consumption from 60/40 animal-based/plant-based to 40/60 in 2030 with an intermediate step of 50/50 in 2025. The urgency for this change is high. In the Netherlands the consumption and production is too high and this has consequences for health, climate and animal welfare.

Support our call

Together with a broad coalition of science, business and civil society organisations, we are launching a call to make Plant-based the New Normal. This call is based on numerous reports and scientific studies showing that this change is beneficial for climate, health and animal welfare. The call can still be signed!

Core Team Protein Transition

Knowledge and skills are needed to bring about change. Continuous efforts are being made to accelerate the protein transition with the Core Team Protein Transition. The team meets every month. The organisations represented and contributing, each from their own expertise, are the following: Voeding Leeft, ProVeg, IUCN NL, Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken – Vrije Universiteit, GGD Haaglanden en Provincie Zuid-Holland, Feedback EU, Questionmark, de Dierencoalitie, TAPP Coalitie, Green Protein Alliance, and Sea First. Together, we are joining forces to make a change in the agriculture and food system.